UCLA’s Jaylen Clark Becomes First NCAA Athlete to Debut Own Crypto

UCLA’s Jaylen Clark Becomes First NCAA Athlete to Debut Own Crypto

The Golden Bear’s guard has announced the release of his own cryptocurrency called $JROCK. 

Jaylen Clark, a guard for the UCLA men’s basketball team, announced via YouTube that he has created his own cryptocurrency. Clark is reportedly the first college athlete in the United States to debut their own personal coin. The crypto, named $JROCK, will be marketed to Clark’s thousands of followers on social media. Despite not being a star on the team, Clark has contributed to the program massively by filming his life behind the scenes as a D1 college athlete. Clark now wants to leverage his following to make his mark on the cryptocurrency world. 

Clark told ESPN that he was an active trader and used Robinhood to handle his personal crypto. He added that he looks forward to educating people on cryptocurrencies including the ins and outs of getting started. 

Clark claims he has been dabbling in crypto for some time now, stating he bought Dogecoin for a penny and sold it at $0.70, netting around $10,000. He said that making that kind of money as a college kid with “no effort” was crazy but not unheard of. After fielding numerous questions from peers and teammates, he was approached by sports marketing managers asking if he’d be interested in creating his own currency. 

$JROCK available on Rally

Clark, who averaged 2.5 points per game last year for the Golden Bears, said that the coin will be available on Rally.io, who have signed Clark to a partnership. The platform will allow holders to access unique ticket giveaways and special merchandise exclusive to investors. Currently, the price of $JROCK is $0.44. Rally’s Vice President of Partnerships stated that “holding the $JROCK coin is like holding the ticket to the digital fan club for Jaylen; it’s not just like a poker chip that you’re gambling on.” 

The Rally platform also lets Clark feel out true fans from those who are just trying to win a giveaway on his YouTube channel. He says that he would prefer to award people with tickets and other benefits for people who are on board with crypto and Clark’s vision for his future. 

Clark added that “I’ve seen comments everywhere talking about, I’m the Black Elon Musk. It’s just super cool to be the first to do anything. When this goes five, six seven, even 30, 40 years from now, I can look back and be like, ‘Yeah, I remember when I kicked all this off.”


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